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What a Limited Use Filer Can E-File

What a Limited Use Filer Can Electronically File
Non-attorneys or attorneys who have a requested a limited access CM/ECF e-filing account can file a limited scope of documents.  This would include the following:

  • Under the Claim Actions Menu – Affidavit; Certificate of Service; Expungement/Withdrawal of Claim; Financial Management Course; Notice of Appearance and Request for Notice; Notice of Change of Address; Notice of Mortgage Payment Change; Notice of Postpetition Mortgage Fees, Expenses and Charges; Notice of Redaction; Objection to Claim; Objection to Transfer of Claim; Reaffirmation Agreement; Reaffirmation Agreement (pro se); Redact; Redact Proof of Claim, Redemption Agreement; Response to Notice of Final Cure Payment Rule 3002.1; Response/Objection; Transfer of Claim


  • Under the Creditor Maintenance Menu – Enter Individual Creditors

A Limited Use Filer can also file a proof of claim under the File Claims and File Speed-Claim menu options.