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Getting Started with CM/ECF NextGen

Filing documents into CM/ECF electronic filing systems requires the following hardware and software: 

  • A personal computer running a standard platform such as Windows or Mac OS X. 
  • A PDF-compatible word processor  Microsoft Word.
  • Internet service. 
  • A Web browser. For bankruptcy CM/ECF NextGen , Mozilla Firefox , Chrome, and Microsoft Internet Explorer.   Some users have had positive experiences with other Web browsers, but those listed here have been tested and certified for compatibility with CM/ECF.
  • Software to convert documents from a word processor format to portable document fomat ( PDF ). Adobe Acrobat  Professional is recommended.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader,  which is available for free, is needed for viewing PDF documents.
  • A scanner may be necessary to create electronic images of documents that are not in your word processing system.