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This Court has drafted a Local Rule governing management of transcripts and their electronic availability in compliance with the policies of the Judicial Conference of the United States. This procedure will be followed until adoption of the new Local Rules.

N.D.W. Va. LBR 5007-1 – Record of Proceedings and Transcripts

Transcripts must be submitted to the Court in portable document (.pdf) format. Electronic access to every transcript filed with the Court will initially be restricted to court users and case participants who purchase the transcript from the court reporter/transcriber. This restricted period will allow case participants the opportunity to review the transcript and file a request for redaction, requesting the mandatory redaction of personal data identifiers prior to the transcript being made available to the public. Any requests for redaction will indicate the location in the transcript of the personal data identifiers to be redacted and are due within 21 calendar days of the filing of the transcript, or longer if the Court so orders. During the 21-day period, or longer if the court so orders, attorneys may file motions for any additional redactions to the transcript. The transcript will not be made electronically available until disposition of any such motions. The court reporter or transcriber must, within 31 calendar days of the delivery of the transcript, or longer if the court so orders, file a redacted version of the transcript with the Clerk of Court. The original unredacted electronic transcript shall be retained by the Clerk of Court.