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Request for Court Reporter

In accordance with Judicial Conference policy, the bankruptcy court uses electronic sound recording equipment to record court proceedings1.   The court recognizes that, on occasion, parties may desire to have a contract court reporter present at a hearing or trial to prepare daily transcripts, etc.   In these instances, parties must file a motion to have a contract court reporter present at a hearing.   The motion will only be granted under these circumstances, unless extraordinary circunstances exist:

  1. The motion must be filed within ten (10 ) days of the hearing.
  2. There are no objections by other parties.
  3. All court reporter expenses and fees shall be the responsibility of the moving party.
  4. The electronic recording will remain the official recording of the proceedings.
  5. Any official transcript of the proceeding shall be made from the court's electronic recording.

1 28 U.S.C.  §753(b); Guide to Judiciary Policy, Vol.6 §340 Electronic Sound Recording