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Wheeling - Courtroom Technology

The L. Edward Friend II Bankruptcy Courtroom is fully equipped with digital evidence presentation equipment.   There are two dedicated attorney conference rooms available.

Available Courtroom Features:

Video Conferencing
Video conferencing permits off-site witnesses and attorneys to participate in a trial or hearing by video and accommodates proceedings without the judge or attorneys physically present.  Any external video conference system will need to be tested with the court’s system prior to the date of the hearing.

Remote witness testimony by video conference is allowed at the discretion of the judge.  A request must be submitted well in advance of the hearing so that arrangements can be made to test the connection.

Audio/Telephone Conferencing
Teleconferencing permits off-site parties and attorneys to participate in a trial or hearing by telephone.   Telephonic participation is limited to “listen only” unless permission is sought from the court.   Teleconferencing audio is broadcast over the courtroom sound system, so it is recommended that participants mute their line unless speaking.  Use of cell phones and speaker phones should also be avoided due to poorer audio quality seen with these devises.

Evidence Presentation System
 A full evidence presentation system is available which enables parties to display documents and exhibits on courtroom monitors.   Large courtroom monitors allow the public to follow the proceedings.   Small monitors are located at the bench, witness, lectern and counsel tables.

  • Document Camera -The document camera can display documents and small three-dimensional objects using the overhead light.The camera is capable of digital zoom which is encourage for smooth motion.
  • Touch screen monitors at the lectern and witness stand allow an attorney or witness to annotate evidence displayed on courtroom monitors.
  • Integrated video and audio inputs are also available to allow attorneys to display evidence from CD, CD-ROM, DVD or laptop computer via the courtroom monitors and sound system.
  • Computer and sound inputs
  • Blu-ray DVD/CD Player
  • VHS Tape Player

Counsel  Tables
Each counsel table has a monitor available to view evidence and a microphone.
Computer HDMI inputs
In the floor boxes under each counsel table, a VGA audio connection is available as well as a power outlet.  Attorneys may use this connection, the HDMI connection or the connection available at the lectern to present evidence from a laptop computer.

Witness Stand
The witness stand is equipt with an annotation monitor for display of evidence. This allows the witness to emphasize and respond visually to evidence.   
Computer HDMI inputs

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PLEASE NOTE WIRED AND WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS IS NOT AVAILABLE.  If you need access to information on the internet, please see the courtroom deputy.
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